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Taiwan wants to be IN

Ottawa Citizen
Emily Wang

While representatives from more than 190 countries are meeting at Cancun, Mexico to try to find a way to limit emissions, and UN scientists are considering various ways in an attempt to cut global warming, we would like to call on the support of the international community as Taiwan strives for participant status in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, for the sake of the nation's 23 million residents, as well as to advance a truly global solution to a global problem.

As a small island nation, Taiwan is aware of its sensitivity to environmental-related phenomena. The threat of extreme weather events, therefore, poses an enormous challenge to the safety and livelihood of all residents.

Taiwan is excluded from taking part in the UNFCCC due to its unique political status, but that has not dampened the determination of the island's government to build on achievements in environmental protection. Taipei has passed a slew of related laws, especially in the last two decades, aimed at curbing pollution and promoting renewable energy and sustainable development.

It is firmly committed to slashing greenhouse gas emissions, seen as key to countering Climate Change, with plans for a systematic reduction in emission levels to 2008 levels by 2020, to 2000 levels by 2025 and half of 2000 levels by 2050.

Environmental awareness and action is increasing throughout all sectors of Taiwanese society, offering proof that the people of Taiwan are ready to contribute to the world effort to combat Climate Change.

Taiwan is one of the nations of the world grappling with the impact of global Climate Change. Unlike most countries, however, the island nation must currently do so alone. This missing piece in tackling Climate Change should be retrieved for the good of the global village.

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